Why you must try out sandwiches from these restaurants?

Even though sandwiches are among the simplest meals to prepare at home, you might not always have the ingredients on hand to produce a sandwich of the highest caliber. 

After all, you need to have a stock full of veggies, sauces, protein, and even fresh bread if you’re really going to go all out on a sandwich. 

Sometimes it’s simply simpler to pop by your neighborhood chain sandwich shop and get a meal you know will be delicious.

There are many sandwich chains to pick from, but not all of them are created equal. Here are some of the popular sandwich chains that use only the finest ingredients to prepare their delicious sandwiches.

Look out why you actually want to try them.


Zaxby’s is a high-end quick-service restaurant famous for sandwiches that are absolutely craveable! Besides sandwiches it’s Chicken Fingerz, wings, and special sauces are absolutely craveable!

You must try Zaxby’s sandwiches because they feature a double hand-breaded filet, with three thick-sliced, crinkle-cut pickles and is served on a buttery toasted, split-top potato bun with a choice of Zax Sauce or Spicy Zax Sauce. 

The quality of their sandwiches is amazing! Taste them and you’ll know. Here you go for zaxby’s menu.


The hot dogs and Italian beef sandwiches at this Chicago-style eatery, Portillo’s are legendary. Char-grilled hamburgers, crisp salads, and delectable chocolate cake are also available at Portillo’s.

The main reason you must try Portillo’s sandwiches is because, on freshly baked Turano French bread, the handcrafted Italian beef sandwich is finely sliced after being slow-roasted for four hours. 

It is prepared with all the materials and care of a gourmet sandwich at a classy Italian restaurant, but with the speed of an American fast food chain.

Try a regular sandwich with a small amount of Portillo’s special gravy. You can also get it entirely dry or dipped in gravy. 

Besides their fantastic sandwiches, they offer a lot of other dishes on their menu. See this page for portillo’s menu


Sandwiches made with slow-roasted roast beef, fresh-sliced turkey, and premium Angus beef are popular at Arby’s.

Arby’s have a seemingly limitless selection of hot sandwiches because they are a simple alternative to offer and because customers crave them so intensely.

Asking for free add-ons will allow you to customize your sandwich from their menu. For instance, you can substitute a different variety of bread for the bread in any sandwich the restaurant serves. 

Speaking of onions, any sandwich may be enhanced with the chain’s crispy onion tangler topping for an additional crunch. Undoubtedly, one must try Arby’s sandwiches!

Panera Bread

Panera Bread offers hearty sandwiches that are loved forever by the American people! Along with hefty $7 artisan bread sandwiches, Panera also sells soups, salads, and baked products. 

It welcomes visitors to sit in fine oak chairs rather than Formica booths and offers meals on real dishware rather than disposable plates. It’s not your typical quick food restaurant. 

When it comes to providing antibiotic-free meat, Panera is a pioneer, becoming the first large-scale national restaurant chain to do so with chicken. All their sandwich stuffings are healthy and so you need to try them at least once.


Potbelly prides itself in serving the tasty toasty sandwiches.The menu at Potbelly includes soup, shakes, smoothies, potato chips, and cookies in addition to a selection of hot sandwiches. 

Fresh, quick, and friendly service is what people love about Potbelly! Steakhouse Beef, Chicken club, Pizza Melt, Mama’s meatball, Italian, Grilled Chicken Sandwiches are some of the popular and best sandwiches at Potbelly!

Each & every Potbelly sandwich goes through the toaster, which always seems to heat the sub to the perfect temperature. The toppings they offer are heavenly. 

The price of the Potbelly sandwiches seems to be reasonable. Overall, Potbelly tastes a little bit fresher. The bread is nicely toasted, and the Italian seasoning gives the sandwich a flavorful crunch.